2 x Swift Boxes

2 x Swift Boxes

A pair of Swift nesting boxes
Hand made by ourselves, each box is uniquely made from natural product


Natural Larch and hand cut slate ensures no two of our bird boxes are ever the same.


⦁ Built to last from locally sourced Larch and reclaimed Welsh slate, ensuring a safe nesting place for returning birds year after year.


⦁ Hinged front for easy access when cleaning that securly locks, with a stainless steel screw, to protect the chicks.


⦁ Built with Stainless steel fixings which will never rust.


⦁ 2 Key hole shaped cut out in the back for easy mounting.


⦁ Built with a 30 mm x 65 mm entrance, for common swifts, and a with a wedge above to help shelter it from the elements to resemble natural nesting sites







  • Dimentions

    The box measures approx. 405mm L x 150 mm D x 170 H mm

  • Postage

    UK postage only - Sorry the free postage doesn't cover the Highlands and Islands. Please ask for a price and I will get back to you.

  • Positioning your box